We always celebrate National Cupcake Day, December 15, with several boxes of these most-definitely-celebratory cupcakes from Let Them Eat Cake in New York City.



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December 2005
Last Updated December 2021

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National Food Holidays: December

How Many Ways Can You Spell O-v-e-r-l-o-a-d?


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It’s the end of a wonderful year of national food holidays. In addition to holiday celebrations with family, friends and neighbors; workplace parties; New Year’s Eve; holiday baking; and all of those food gifts you receive; there are these important national food holidays that are...almost obligatory.

If ever there were a month with “a round-up of the usual suspects,” December is it: candy canes, date nut bread, egg nog, fruit cake, maple syrup, pumpkin pie, pfeffernuesse, suckling pig, even hard candy, a traditional stocking-stuffer. And kiwi fruit is at least seasonally green. But National Cotton Candy Day seems like it belongs in the summer, with fairs and amusement parks...and Eat A Red Apple Day seems like it missed the boat by a couple of months. Still: Celebrate your heart out!

Celebrate National Cocoa Day, December 12, by treating yourself to a cup (photo © McCormick.


*January 31 is National Hot Chocolate Day


†National Bacon Lovers Day is August 20th. International Bacon Day is the Saturday before Labor Day. National Bacon Day is December 30th.


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  Dom PerignonEnd the year with one of our favorite libations: Dom Pérignon.  How convenient that December 31, New Year’s Eve, falls on National Champagne Day!



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