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Photo of decorated Easter eggs by Tibor Fazakas | SXC.



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April 2007
Updated April 2009

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Easter & Spring Dinner Ideas

Quick Tips Page 2: “Easter Egg” Salads


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“Easter Egg” Salads

  • Easter Egg Salad #1. Quail eggs are small, beautifully speckled in blue and brown, and make a spectacular first course or salad course, hard-boiled and Quail eggsnestled at the front of a lightly-dressed mesclun salad (set 3 in a lettuce leaf “cup”). Check around to see if you can find quail eggs (or click here to purchase them online). Boil the eggs for 5 minutes with a teaspoon of vinegar, and serve them warm or at room temperature in the shell. Provide ramekins of salt water so diners can simultaneously rinse and salt their eggs after they’ve peeled them. Snip some fresh herbs (chives, parsley, dill) into the salad, and you have an exciting spring dish that takes very little time to make.
  • Easter Egg Salad #2. Grape tomatoes are somewhat egg-shaped, and in bright yellow and red they have a festive easter-egg appeal. Add a handful to your salad along with small basil leaves. It will be tempting enough to attract Peter Rabbit to the door.

Easter Bread

Bread is a metaphor for the resurrection of Christ, and several cultures have a Ukrainian Breadcelebratory Easter bread—often a rich, sweet yeast style baked with eggs, fruits and nuts.

  • Think of English hot cross buns, Italian colomba di Pasqua baked in the shape of a dove, Greek tsoureki, plaited with nestled red Easter eggs (symbolic of the blood of Jesus), and Russian kulich, a cake-like yeast loaf filled with candied fruit and often iced.
  • If you live near a Ukrainian artisan baker, you may be able to order an exquisite Ukrainian holiday bread, like the one in the photo at the right with flowers, doves and wheat sheaves that look like a bas-relief on bread instead of marble.
    Photo of festive Ukrainian holiday bread © Fotosergio | Dreamstime.

Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, enjoy its culinary treasures by sampling these delicious baked goods. If you can’t find them at bakeries in your town, find recipes on the Internet. Assign different breads to friends and have everyone bring one—you can start an exciting “Easter Saturday” tea tradition.

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