pashmakGive exciting ingredients to food-loving friends who cook, and you may be invited back to enjoy what they create with them. Above, saffron-flavored pashmak, a Persian spun-sugar floss, is a gourmet version of cotton candy that can be used to decorate elegant desserts. It is available in several flavors from Pariya Food.




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These selections were chosen by CAITLIN BARRETT, who is on the editorial staff of THE NIBBLE.



November 2005

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Gourmet Ingredients For Great Palates

Page 2: Gourmet Spices & Herbs


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Spices, Herbs, Dried Fruits & Berries  

Sur la Table
Nutmeg Mill

Ground nutmeg from a supermarket canister doesn’t compare to the flavor and aroma of fresh nutmeg. This attractive nutmeg grinder makes a great gift and even comes with with five fresh nutmegs so gift recipients can start spicing up dishes right away.

Click here to purchase.

Nutmeg Grinder

Iranian Saffron

A full ounce of saffron, one of the most expensive spices in the world, is enough to flavor many dishes. This saffron comes from the Iran, where high-quality saffron is prized and the decorative tin stores it beautifully. It is 100% Crocus sativus, the flower whose pistils yield the rare spice.


Pariya Food
Middle Eastern Delights

Indulge sophisticated palates with these uncommon ingredients from Pariya. Create a gift of several boxes of their unique Persian ingredients like stunning green raisins, rose buds, white mulberries and their very exotic barberries. Those on your gift list with a cultured sweet tooth will fall molars over heels for Pariya’s unique treats like rose-flavored Persian “Fairy Floss” (see photo at top of page), Persian Honey Toffee and the Raahat “Rose & Pistachio Coconut Delight.” Each item is extremely flavorful, very special, and unlike anything most people have seen before. These are among our favorite products. Read more about Pariya Foods, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week.

  • Prices vary by product— check website
    for details


Potting Shed Creations
Garden In A Bag Herbs

These Garden-in-a-Bag herbs are an easy way to start herbs on your windowsill at any time of year: basil, chives, dill, oregano, strawberries and even tomatoes will root and can then be transplanted to a larger pot. As a bonus, many of the Garden-in-a-Bag selections are organic.

  • Garden-in-a-Bag
    $6.95 To $8.95



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