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September 2008

Product Reviews / NutriNibbles / NutriBeverages

Caffe Sanora Organic Antioxidant Coffee

Natural Antioxidant Coffee With More Antioxidants Than Most Green Teas

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CAPSULE REPORT: When we first saw Caffe Sanora’s label, claiming to be “Natural Antioxidant Coffee,” we were skeptical. Doesn’t all coffee have antioxidants? It turns out that raw coffee beans lose a lot of their antioxidants in the roasting process, so Caffe Sanora has found a way to roast coffee beans while preserving more of the natural antioxidants. With 50% to 100% more antioxidants compared to other Arabica coffees, it is well worth it to consider swapping your everyday coffee with one (or more) of Caffe Sanora’s five varieties. The Breakfast Blend will appeal to people who want a light cup of sweeter, chocolate-nuanced coffee in the morning. Those who seek intense, rich or dark flavors should opt for the Dark Roast or Signature Roast. A portion of company proceeds is donated to not-for-profit cancer prevention research. This is Page 1 of a two-page overview. Click on the black links below to visit Page 2.


Caffe Sonora Overview

Caffe Sanora looks, smells and tastes like normal (even great) coffee. But just like Clark Kent can fool the world into thinking he’s your average joe, Caffe Sanora coffee can easily fool coffee drinkers into believing it’s your average cup of joe. But on the molecular level, 50% to 100% more antioxidants are swirling inside every cup of Caffe Sanora when tested against other Arabica coffees (the varying percentages depend on the roasting conditions of each brand of coffee). It makes sense that the “sanora” of Caffe Sanora derives from “sano,” the Italian word for health; with Sanora in hand, you can say “sayonara” (goodbye) to other gourmet coffees and drink up those antioxidants like never before!

A 2005 study funded by the American Cocoa Research Institute concluded that coffee was the No. 1 source of antioxidants in the American diet. Imagine the benefits of replacing that coffee with Caffe Sanora: Americans could get more antioxidant bang for each cup.

How can this be possible? Caffe Sanora is a product of Applied Food Sciences, Inc., a company which patented the “HealthyRoast Process,” an innovative method of roasting that allows the coffee beans to retain more antioxidants post-roast. The USDA-certified organic coffee beans are roasted and packaged on the same farm where they are grown in Honduras, Central America. Caffe Sanora is also a member of the Rainforest Alliance, a conservation group that sets standards to protect the environment with sustainable business practices. On top of doing their part to provide people with more free-radical-fighting antioxidants in their everyday coffee, a portion of the company’s proceeds goes to the AMC Cancer Research Center to fund cancer prevention research.

Available either whole bean or ground, Caffe Sanora offers five varieties (all of them organic): Breakfast Blend, Dark Roast, Espresso Roast, Signature Roast and Signature Roast Decaffeinated. Although not every variety will appeal to everyone, we found them to be well on par with other gourmet coffees, if not excellent.

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