Chamomile Citrus
Chamomile is known for its calming effects. Have a cup to reduce stress and insomnia. It also helps as a laxative and with colds and flu. This tea from Stash has citrus added for extra help with the latter. And, it tastes delightful. Photo courtesy Stash Tea.


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The NutriNibbles* section focuses on products that are organic as well as those that are “better for you.” While a large number of specialty food producers use all natural ingredients, many use organic ingredients or mostly organic ingredients as well, but are too small to undertake the expense of USDA Organic certification. We’ll reference those products here too.

Please do read our monthly column, Organic Matter, to keep on top of issues in the organic industry. If you would like to suggest outstanding organic products or articles for this section, click on the link.

*The name NutriNibbles was selected from submissions of two readers, Martin Bishop of San Anselmo, California and Arnie Stein of Chicago.

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