Nutella SandwichNutella fans will love this recipe. Photo courtesy Bauducco Panettone.




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December 2010
Last Updated January 2011

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Nutella Recipe:

Nutella-Panettone Sandwich

For a snack or even for dessert, Nutella fans will go wild for this recipe, which is courtesy of Bauducco Panettone. Click on the black links below to view the other pages. Learn more about panettone.

Panettone Recipes


Mini Panettone & Nutella Sandwich Recipe

Makes two servings.


  • 4 thin slices panettone, crusts
    trimmed, each slice cut in quarters
  • 1/4 cup Nutella
  • 1/2 pear, thinly sliced
  • Butter, for frying
  • Powdered sugar for garnish
  Bauducco Panettone
Turn a panettone into a delicious sandwich-dessert. In addition to classic panettone with candied fruit, there’s panettone with chocolate chunks.


  1. Spread each panettone slice with Nutella.

  2. Place 1 or 2 pear slices on 8 of the panettone slices, trimming them to be flush with the panettone’s edges. Top with remaining slices of panettone.
  3. In a cast-iron pan, melt a pat of butter. When pan is hot, place two of the sandwiches in the pan, frying until brown—1 or 2 minutes, pressing down once or twice.

  4. Flip and fry another minute or so.

  5. Dust with powdered sugar and serve with coffee, milk, tea or Port wine.



If you can’t find Nutella locally, you can buy it online.



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Recipe courtesy Bauducco Panettone. All other materials

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