Fiscalini CheddarYou don’t have to go to the U.K.: This 60-pound wheel of bandage-wrapped farmstead Cheddar was made in California by Fiscalini Farmstead. Voted voted “Best Farmhouse Cheese” at the 2002 American Cheese Society Awards, it gets our vote, too.




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April 2006
Updated March 2009


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Cheddar: Ancient Cheese Of Monarchs

Page 3: Cheddar Producers & Retailers


Cheddar Producers & Retailers

Below, in alphabetical order, are some cheese websites and producers who can give you a taste of Cheddars from all over the world.

  • Ashe County Cheese. Cheddar available in Mild, Medium, Sharp, and Super Sharp (but no indication of length of aging time). Many gift assortments, most of which involve other products as well as Cheddars.
  • Fiscalini Farmstead Cheese. While I recently spotlighted this company for their San Joaquin Gold, they also make Cheddars, which range from the Cabernet-soaked Purple Moon to saffron-flavored Cheddar to bandage-wrapped Cheddar (aged for either 18 or 30 months—photo at top of page). (Read the full review of Fiscalini Farmstead cheese.)
  • Grafton Village Cheese Company. Raw milk Cheddars ranging in age from one to six years. Flavored Cheddars and samplers, too.
  • Ideal Cheese. Some Cheddars, though you have to search for them, and their online matching system doesn’t work well.
  • iGourmet. Has the convenient cheese subcategory “All Cheddars,” making searching easy. Many flavored Cheddars, as well as an 8-year-old Cheddar.
Fiscalini Farmstead Cheddars
Fiscalini Farmstead Cheddars. Read our full review of Fiscalini cheeses.
  • Loleta Cheese Factory. An unusual roster of Cheddars, including a Salami and a Smoked Salmon flavor. Cheeses aged for a shorter time than many.
  • Murray’s Cheese. Modest selection of nice Cheddars.
  • Shelburne Farms. Raw milk Cheddars ranging in age from six months to three years. Flavored Cheddars and samplers.

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