Grilled BratwurstThe more slender style of brats, less popular in the U.S., are known as Nuremberg style. Photo by Monica Photo | IST.


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EMILY CHANG is a New York-based writer.



October 2009

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Meat & Poultry

Sheboygan Bratwurst

Page 2: What To Serve With Your Sausage


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Bratwurst Accompaniments

So many choices—and lots of time to try them all!

  • Rolls. Wisconsin bratwurst enthusiasts would shudder at the thought of consuming their beloved bratwurst with an ill-fitting hot dog bun. Many people enjoy their brats on a long, split hard roll known as a brat bun or a Sheboygan hard roll—which is hard to find in most parts of the country, so you may have to opt for a frankfurter roll. (You can get them by mail from the Sheboygan Bratwurst Company. According to the company, they taste best when toasted crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.) Hearty eaters enjoy a “double brat”—two sausages on a brat roll.
  • Condiments. Bratwurst is traditionally eaten with a coarse, German-type spicy mustard—never with yellow ballpark mustard. A more pungent mustard complements the spices in the bratwurst. You can substitute Dijon mustard (see our Mustard Glossary for the different types of mustard). Ordering a bratwurst with “da works” in Sheboygan means with ketchup, mustard, chopped onion and dill pickle, no sauerkraut. However, everyone has different preferences (Many Germans eat their bratwurst with sauerkraut; each region in Germany has a different way of serving brats.) We suggest exploring every combination of condiments to determine what best suits your taste buds.
  • Sides. Bratwurst can be lunch-on-a-bun or an evening meal. With the former, the sides can be lighter. You can “go American” and serve anything you would enjoy with frankfurters (which are a more slender style of sausage made with beef instead of pork): potato salad, cole slaw and baked beans. For an evening meal, serve hot sauerkraut seasoned with caraway seeds or German red cabbage, warm German potato salad (or fried potatoes or mashed potatoes), cucumber dill salad or a side of peppers and onions.
  • Recipes. Slice brats into any number of recipes. Think of canapés (try slices on party pumpernickel with German mustard), soups like corn bisque, stews, pasta salads, hot pasta and sandwiches (think of a “sausage Reuben”).
  German Potato SaladBrat with sauerkraut and German potato salad. Photo by Richard Rudisill | IST.


Sheboygan Bratwurst offers lots of flexibility in menu planning: 12 different flavors of brats, plus chicken and beef varieties for people who prefer them to traditional pork bratwurst. Let’s take a look at them on the next page.

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