The green berries of the peppercorn vine ripen into yellow, and then into red. Read our article on varietal peppercorns. Photo by Clara Natoli | MorgueFile.



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When trading up to better-tasting and better-for-you foods, seasonings make a huge difference. Even everyday table salt should be replaced by truly flavorful sea salts that make a difference. Check our our Glossary of Salts, below, to make their acquaintance. If you love sushi, you’ll be amazed at the difference real wasabi makes. As we come across seasonings that make a difference, we’ll share them here with you. Use the Contact Us link on this page to tell us about a favorite gourmet seasoning.


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Bid adieu to one of food’s icons, the Morton Salt Girl, whose iodized salt is too salty; and accent your food with the far more vivid flavors of sea salts. There are dozens: each has its own flavor and beauty. Some of our favorites are grey Celtic salt, coral-hued Hawaiian sea salt (mellower than the others), beige and ochre smoked sea salts, and Himalayan pink salt. Each can be found under different brand names. Sea salts are not refined like table salts, and contain traces of iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and iodine. One other switch: the grains are generally too large for most salt shakers, so you have to start using pinches from salt dishes, like great-grandma did. It’s hardly a sacrifice: it makes it all the more a gourmet experience, and you’ll notice flavors in your food you never saw before.

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