Mini-grilled cheese sandwiches on toasted baguette slices with Peppadews are our favorite new snack. Photos courtesy Peppadew USA.




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August 2006
Updated December 2009

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Peppy Peppadew Peppers

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Product Line Additions

The company is always developing interesting line extensions.

  • The Peppadew Potato Chip is a tasty gourmet chip that tastes more like a fresh potato than any chip we’ve ever had. It has a good vinegar chip flavor. We love it.
  • The Peppadew Piquanté Pepper Splash-On Sauce is a fantastic way to add excitement to soups, stews, gravies, chili, dips, sandwiches, and even Bloody Marys! The Mild Splash-On Sauce gives you the delicious sweet taste of the Peppadew pepper, with just a bit of heat. The Hot Splash-On Sauce has the same great taste, with a bit more heat, but is not too hot.
Peppadew: Peppers growing on the bush.

Dieters Note: The Peppadew is processed with a fair amount of sugar. In fact, sugar is the third of the four major ingredients, after peppers and water and before vinegar. Yet, 1/3 cup  has 40 calories and 9g sugar.  It is fat-free and a good source of Vitamin C, beta carotene and fiber.

Sweet Piquanté Pepper Products

Certified kosher by Orthodox Union

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Available at fine supermarkets and specialty stores nationwide.

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Jar of Peppadews



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