Zhena's Gypsy Tea Zhena presides over a kingdom of delicious blended teas with floral overtones: “a bouquet in every cup.” Photography by Michael Steele.





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ELIZABET TRAVIS is an editorial intern and avid tea drinker.



October 2007

Product Reviews / NutriNibbles / NutriBeverages

Zhena’s Gypsy Tea ~ Organic & Kosher

Page 2: Fair Trade & Biodynamic Tea


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Organic, Fair Trade & Biodynamic Tea

Zhena’s teas are organic and Fair Trade Certified, benefiting the workers in the tea fields with healthcare, education, autonomy, better working conditions, and freedom from child labor. (Read more about Fair Trade Certification.) They are also certified gluten, GMO and allergen free. And, the line is certified kosher by KSA.

All of the tea (except for the black tea) is biodynamic. Biodynamics is one of the oldest consciously organic approaches to farming and is also one of the most sustainable. One of its prime tenets is a sowing and planting calendar based on lunar cycles (or the moon’s sidereal cycle, as it is known, which forms the basis of the biodynamic calendar). It is believed that food grown in this way stays fresher longer and is more flavorful. While this sounds fantastic to some, many farmers swear it works. There are several other ways in which biodynamic differs from classic organic agriculture, and you can read a full discussion of the difference between biodynamic and organic agriculture elsewhere on TheNibble.com.

The containers that hold the teas are as colorful and vibrant as Zhena herself. Each refillable tin can comes with 22 tea sachets and a message of awareness about one of the many social or environmental causes that Zhena’s supports. The all-metal cans are recyclable, but one will find it difficult to throw them away. Even our photographer asked to take home any extras.

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