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June 22, 2010

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Chocolate Coffee Candy


Why go for an energy drink when you can Get Beaned with these? Photography by Katharine Pollak | THE NIBBLE.

WHAT IT IS: Premium coffee candies in decorative shapes.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: A leap beyond the hard coffee candies of yesteryear.
WHY WE LOVE IT: We love coffee, we love candy. Ergo, we love coffee candy.

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Cooking & More With Chocolate Coffee Candy

You can pop these candies into your mouth. But here’s a Top 10 List of other things we enjoy doing with them.

  1. Garnish cupcakes with a chocolate coffee “rock pile” (Java Rocks).
  2. Decorate cakes using the oblong shape of most varieties.
  3. Create a “garden garnish” with gummy bears, crushed chocolate wafers (“dirt”) and a flower lollipop.
  4. Bake into cookies, instead of M&Ms. Add a teaspoon of instant coffee to the cookie dough.
  5. Serve with coffee or espresso—a few pieces on the espresso saucer, or in a ramekin.
  6. Garnish the whipped cream on hot chocolate, iced espresso and other beverages.
  7. Garnish a coffee or a mocha sundae made with ice cream or frozen yogurt.
  8. Garnish a dish or container of regular yogurt—coffee, chocolate or vanilla yogurt.
  Our personal favorite; fresh-roasted coffee beans with a crunchy candy shell.

Use as a caffeine fix, instead of coffee or an energy drink (Go-Go Beans).

Toss into trail mix.

You can tell that we’ve had fun with these candies. Our small suggestions to the manufacturer and everyone in the position to name products:

  • Use names that make sense. How Do You Like Your Coffee?, Inc. may have seemed clever at the time it was selected, but it’s cumbersome for outsiders to remember—and doesn’t really say much. Two words, one of them coffee, would say it all.
  • Spend less time submitting trademark applications for every little phrase and tag line at the expense of clarifying other things about your brand. Is the Patent & Trademark Office really going to issue a trademark for such a universal term like “Naturally Caffeinated?” We sure hope not!
  • Instead, work on the packaging to make it more clear—a Ph.D could spend 10 minutes trying to figure out the difference between Javaz, Roboostas and Go-Go Beans. (Java Rocks, which look like candy rocks, are a bit easier to figure out.) And make sure all of the products look like they come from the same company. It will provide clarity and help to build your brand.
  • Make sure people can tell the difference between your company name, the name of the line and the name of the item. We spent a long time on this! The Eating Roast, which we thought was the name of the company (see the package in the photo below), isn’t. 

However, consuming all of the products, in the name of figuring out what was what, was time enjoyably spent.

—Karen Hochman

Coffee Candies

Click On Links To Purchase

  • Javaz
    A mixture of chocolate and  crunchy
    coffee beans, in milk and dark
    chocolate (see photo at right)
    Three 2-ounce pouches
    $10.00 on
  • Java Rocks
    Coffee and chocolate rock-shaped candy
    3 Cylinders
    $10.00 on
    12 Cylinders
    $30.00 on
  • Roboostas
    Dark chocolate-covered coffee beans with
    a hard candy shell
    5-Pound Bulk Bag
    $40.00 on
  • Go-Go Beans
    Extra caffeine and energy drink
    components for those on the go-go
    3 Cylinders
    $10.00 on
    12 Cylinders
    $24.50 on
    5-Pound Bulk Bag
    $38.49 on


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These milk chocolate-covered coffee beans will have you jumping up for more.



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