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December 14, 2010



Belle Chèvre’s line of “breakfast cheese” goes from breakfast through the dinner cheese course. In cinnamon, coffee, fig or honey, we love them all. Above, Belle & The Bees honey-flavored goat cheese spread. The beautiful leaf crackers are from Photography by Katharine Pollak | THE NIBBLE.

WHAT IT IS: Soft goat cheese spread, flavored and slightly sweetened and flavored.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: It’s the first line of sweet goat cheese spreads with reasonable distribution. Think of a light version of cheesecake, with flavors that can be enjoyed at any time and meal.
WHY WE LOVE IT: All four flavors are so seductively delicious, we can eat it for breakfast, lunch, hors d’oeuvre, dessert and snacks.

.Belle Chèvre Goat Cheese Spread
Page 2: Delicious And Better For You

Goat Cheese Overview

Worldwide, more people drink goat’s milk than cow’s milk. Goats are one of the oldest domesticated animals. The herding of goats is thought to have evolved about 10,000 years ago in the mountains region of Iran. (The ancestors of the modern cow were probably domesticated in the Fertile Crescent about 8,000 years ago.)

Goat’s milk and goat’s cheese were a favorite in ancient Egypt. The pharaohs ate it, and some pharaohs had goat cheese and goat milk placed among the other treasures in their burial chambers. Goat milk was also widely consumed by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Goat milk has remained popular throughout history and still is consumed on a more extensive basis worldwide than cow's milk.

Compared to most soft cheeses, goat cheese is better for you.

  • Goat cheese is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than cow’s milk cheese. While cow’s milk cheeses generally have about 100 calories and 10 grams of fat per ounce, goat cheese typically has 80 calories and 6 grams of fat per ounce.
  • Soft goat cheese provides more calcium, more protein (5g per ounce) and fewer carbohydrates than cow’s milk. It’s also a good source of phosphorus, potassium and riboflavin (vitamin B2).
  • Even though fresh goat cheese is better for you, it still delivers a rich and creamy flavor.
  • Many lactose-intolerant people can digest goat cheese with no problem. That’s because cow’s milk molecules are very large, and goat’s milk molecules are closer to human milk.
  • Although we love cream cheese, it’s a calorie- and saturated-fat nightmare. And it’s hard to use “just a little.” Think of how much cream cheese goes onto a bagel or toast, compared to butter.

All this, with the lusciousness of Belle Chèvre’s Breakfast Cheese. The company makes other forms of fresh goat cheese as well. See where to buy them below.


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Breakfast Goat Cheese In Cinnamon, Coffee, Honey & Fig

  • 8-Ounce Tub

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  Goat Cheese Spread
Fig with sesame crackers—a delicious party choice.  Photo by Katharine Pollak | THE NIBBLE.
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