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September 27, 2011


Green Giant Fresh Potatoes

Delicious with or without fresh chives: baby potatoes in a four-cheese sauce. Photography by Jaclyn Nussbaum | THE NIBBLE.

WHAT IT IS: Microwaved whole baby potatoes in delicious sauces.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: The quality is superb, the sauces are seductive (butter, cheese, can it miss?).
WHY WE LOVE IT: Such delicious potatoes emerge from the microwave in five minutes or less.
WHERE TO BUY IT: At retailers nationwide.


Green Giant Fresh Potatoes

Whole Baby Idaho Potatoes in Three Chile Sauce, and the easy microwave steamer bag.


Green Giant Fresh Potatoes: Sauced, Microwave-Steamed & Delicious

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CAPSULE REPORT: We rarely use convenience foods. Most are over-salted, over-sugared and contain ingredients we’d rather not consume.

But we’re a huge fan of the Green Giant Fresh line of Whole Baby Idaho Potatoes in Sauce: four varieties in tasty sauces (two of them absolutely seductive) that are ready to eat in five  minutes or less.

And no muss, no fuss: The potatoes are in microwaveable packages.

We’re such big fans that we’ve made them a Top Pick Of The Week—the first Top Pick ever of a major national brand.*

If you love potatoes but not the time it takes to cook them, give them a shot.

These are not processed potatoes: They’re fresh whole baby potatoes† that have been double washed, paired with a delicious butter or cheese sauce and deftly seasoned. The skins are kept on, retaining nutrition (potato nutrition is equally divided between flesh and skin).

Just microwave these babies for five minutes or less, open the pouch and dig into a potato paradise: firm texture, excellent flavor, perfect every time.

It’s  So Hard To Choose!

Each potato recipe is delectable straight from the bag. But adding a fresh herb or two makes any savory dish taste better.

  • Whole Baby Potatoes With Four Cheese Sauce
    This is our favorite—but who isn’t seduced by a lovely cheese sauce? If you have fresh chives and/or parsley, mince some onto the top.
  • Whole Baby Potatoes With Mesquite Smoked Bacon Sauce
    Another seductress. Crumble some fresh bacon on top—along with minced chives or parsley—and everyone will clamor for even more.
  • Whole Baby Potatoes With Roasted Garlic Butter Sauce
    If you want more garlic, we recommend a quick sauté of sliced fresh garlic. If you’re out of fresh garlic, grab the garlic chips or garlic powder.
  • Whole Baby Potatoes with Three Chile

    You can amp up the heat on this charmer by adding minced fresh jalapeños or some  smoky chipotle powder. We don’t like extreme heat, so we remove the seeds and the white interior spines of the jalapeños before mincing.

Food Trivia

Are potatoes a vegetable or a starch? (It’s a trick question.)

  • Botanically, potatoes are a vegetable. They are a member of the Solanum genus, which also includes eggplant and tomato. Potatoes are tubers, swollen parts of the stem of the plant to which the roots are attached.
  • Nutritionally, potatoes are a starch: a staple carbohydrate. Per the USDA, they don't count as a vegetable serving.

Call Green Giant Whole Baby Idaho Potatoes what you will; just call them to to dinner.

—Karen Hochman

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*THE NIBBLE focuses on reviewing smaller artisan and specialty brands.

†Two Idaho potato varieties are used: the red-jacketed Klondike Rose in the photo above, and the round, yellow-jacketed Klondike Goldust in the photo at left. Both varieties were developed by Potandon Produce.


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