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April 21, 2009

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Chocolate Martini

Dazzling bonbons from Hunt Chocolate Studio give new meaning to the concept of a “chocolate martini.” Photography by Corey Lugg | THE NIBBLE. Styling by Lauren LaPenna.

WHAT IT IS: Artisan chocolates.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Great cacao flavors, classically inspired with modern flair.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Wonderful “Art Box” gifts.
(see details below).

America’s Artisan Chocolatiers ~ Part IV:

Hunt Chocolate Studio

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Hunt Chocolate Studio

I always wonder what inspires non-culinary professionals to become chocolatiers—and great ones, at that. Top Pick chocolatiers Joan Coukos of Chocolat Moderne and Kee Ling Tong of Kee’s Chocolates were on Wall Street—Joan an investment banker and Kee in corporate finance. Rob Hunt is a professional photographer in Massachusetts. Some time ago, the idea of making his own chocolates got hold of his brain and refused to let go.

As often happens with people who enter the chocolate business from a non-culinary background, Mr. Hunt has some ideas that are distinctly different from the usual. Consider his Chocolate Dessert Cups, for instance. You might enjoy his Strawberry Cheesecake (two distinct layers; a thin film of strawberry on the bottom topped by a thicker layer of “cheesecake” filling, tinged with lemon, all in a white chocolate shell) or the “Bread and Chocolate” (a chocolate-hazelnut ganache in a milk chocolate shell, topped with artisan bread crumbs). Among other creations, be sure you try a Figaro (a ganache-stuffed baby fig dipped in dark chocolate, a brilliant piece). From his truffle collection, I’m partial to the Key Lime.

Chocolate Bonbons

Two flat-topped dessert cups—gold leaf with a Cognac chocolate ganache and sparkly red top filled with raspberry ganache—plus a shiny dome with a creamy fudge center.

Just so you understand that I’m not all chocolate sampling and no conscience, I’ve tried my best to caution Mr. Hunt that his chocolates will take over his life. Happily for the chocolate-eating public, he appears to be oblivious to the inevitable. His chocolates are wonderful. And that’s not all.

I don’t usually care much about packaging, but the Art Boxes here are lovely; the boxes themselves are covered in textured paper, and there’s a copy of a limited edition fine art print in every box. I like the look of these chocolates, as well; they’re elegant, but decorated with restraint. They would make a simply beautiful gift.

HUNT Chocolate sTUDIO
Artisan Bonbons

  • Art Box
    9 Pieces $19.50
    (4-piece and 16-piece boxes available)

Purchase* by phone:
Telephone 1.617.846.3153

Because Mr. Hunt is still a busy photography professional, he himself sells only his Dessert Cups in Art Boxes. He has no online ordering yet, but will take phone orders.

If you are interested in trying other pieces from Hunt Chocolate Studio (such as that Figaro or Key Lime Truffle), order online or by phone from:
Boutique: 92B Pinckney Street, Boston, MA

Beacon Hill Chocolates sells a greater variety of Mr. Hunt’s offerings, and they’ll happily make up a box for you and ship it to your door.

Hunt Chocolate Studio


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