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April 21, 2009

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Lucky Chocolates

Lucky is the person who receives a box of these delicious bonbons. Photography by Corey Lugg | THE NIBBLE. Styling by Lauren La Penna.

WHAT IT IS: Artisan chocolates.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Organic and Fair Trade Certified.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Delicious centers, many with wonderful flavored white chocolate ganache.
(see details below).

America’s Artisan Chocolatiers ~ Part IV:

Lucky Chocolates

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Lucky Chocolates

Gentle reader, pity my plight, for, much against my will, my heart has been given to an amphibian. I know, I know; I never thought I could feel this way about a cold-blooded animal, but that was before I encountered one of Lucky Chocolates’ Turtles. Roasted almonds, caramel that isn’t too sweet and has the perfect degree of chewiness, a top “shell” and a thinner bottom “dip” of chocolate, even a sprinkling of Malden sea salt atop. The more I tried to turn away from this chewy-crunchy-sweet-salty wonder, the more deeply entangled my emotions became.

And my sweetheart is no mere pipsqueak, but a fully mature specimen some three inches by four inches, quite large enough to share (yeah, like that’ll happen!). Best of all, you, too, can have one of these turtles for your very own, with or without salt on his shell and with pistachios or pecans in place of almonds, if you prefer. [Editor’s Note: Photo of Stephanie’s beloved(s) are at right.]

But there’s more to Lucky Chocolates than just turtles. Square ganache-filled bonbons, called truffles, are filled with the freshest seasonal ingredients, and are both different and delightful—not to mention amply-proportioned and available in more than a dozen flavors (which will, of course, vary month to month).

Chocolate Turtles

Jumbo turtles—milk and dark, with and without sea salt.

Lucky Chocolates
That sugary top is really tart lemon sugar, a puckery pleasure atop a Lemon Truffle. The four leaf clover
is part of a series of Lucky Caramels.

Most of the truffles are enrobed in 70% dark chocolate. Every truffle we tried was outstanding: Coconut in white chocolate ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate; Fresh Mint has white chocolate ganache infused with a snappy mint purée; Pistachio, white chocolate ganache with ground pistachio and a lilt of lemon; Vanilla, a vanilla ganache infused with Mexican vanilla beans. There are even agave-sweetened truffles for people who prefer a lower-glycemic product, plus toffee, barks and gift boxes (check out the Hudson Valley Box, made with ingredients—apple cider, honey, whiskey, wine—from Hudson Valley neighbors).

Chocolatier Rae Stang’s culinary career has been wide-ranging, if on the non-traditional side (she once ran a macrobiotic kitchen in Vermont, and she’s cooked on ranches in Arizona and Wyoming). But these days, she devotes herself to her confections, using only chocolate that is both organic and FairTrade™ certified. If you haven’t tried chocolate that is organic and FairTrade, you’ll find it has a different taste than that which has been produced conventionally. Give these chocolates a try, and see what you think. And yes, boxes from this business have been known to sport the slogan “Get Lucky”! 


lUCKY Chocolates
Artisan Bonbons

  • 6-Piece Truffle Box
  • 15-Piece Truffle Box
  • 3 Turtles 

Purchase online* at

Telephone 1.888.582.5910
Boutique: 1534 Route 212, Saugerties, New York

*Prices and product availability are verified at publication but are subject to change. Shipping is additional. These items are offered by a third party and THE NIBBLE has no relationship with them. Purchase information is provided as a reader convenience.

Lucky Chocolates

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