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February 17, 2009

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Laura's Wholesome Junk Food

Take a bite—they’re good for you. No white flour, no white sugar, no preservatives. Shown above: Cole’s Cashew Chocolate Chip Bite-lettes (front) and Sally’s Raisin Bite-lettes. Photo by Daniela Cuevas | THE NIBBLE.

WHAT IT IS: Wholesome, healthy, cake-like cookies called Bite-lettes. The line is vegan, cholesterol free and certified kosher; several flavors are gluten-free.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Made with whole grains and “whole sweeteners”—evaporated cane juice and fruit juice instead of refined sugar. Yet, delicious and satisfying.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Good taste, good for you. If you want a cookie, cake or a muffin, for that matter, there’s no need to do damage when these will do nicely.

Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food: Yummy, Guiltless Bite-lettes

CAPSULE REPORT: Picture this, as Golden Girl Sophia Petrillo was fond of saying. A lovely college girl turned medical student eats lots of junk food—like most of us. While in medical residency, she treats people with illnesses based on bad nutrition, i.e., people whose diets include lots of junk food. She begins to study nutrition and endeavors to make good-for-you “junk food.” She stops eating store-bought cookies with bad-for-you ingredients and creates her own from whole grains and whole sweeteners (natural and unrefined). Later, working as a doctor, she realizes she can help the public health more by producing “wholesome” cookies, giving people with a sweet tooth a better alternative to refined white flour, sugar and preservatives. The M.D. becomes the cookie company CEO.

What exactly is “wholesome junk food?” In our opinion, it’s a bad name to describe a delicious concept. The initial product, called Bite-lettes, are a cross between a small rolled cookie (think butter ball or rum ball) and a mini muffin.

The line is vegan, cholesterol-free and certified kosher by KOF-K. Three of the 10 flavors are gluten-free, one is wheat-free. Read the full review below, and try several varieties. These are not the prettiest snacks in the world, but think of those jumbo iced cookies, decorated to the nines, that taste like sugared cardboard once you take a bite. Laura’s cookies are the opposite: Dance 10, Looks 3. We’ve eaten them all and are still dancing.

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Make Your Own Healthy Snacks

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Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food: Yummy, Guiltless Bite-lettes


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Introduction To Laura’s

Laura Trice, M.D., is not your typical doctor. She’s the CEO of a cookie company—although at 110 pounds, she doesn’t look like she eats too many cookies. But wrestling with 50-pound bags of flour can work off the calories.

While in medical school, Laura saw patients with illnesses that could have been prevented with better nutrition. She realized that, like her patients, she only ate foods that tasted great to her—and that many foods that tasted great were based in white flour, white sugar and hydrogenated oils. She began creating recipes that tasted as good or better, but used whole grains and whole sweeteners, from which the Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food line evolved.

In 1997, while working in television, Dr. Laura would bring cookies to the set from time to time. As Set Medic on the television series, “Seventh Heaven,”  Laura noticed that people who ate donuts for breakfast came to her with headaches several hours later. When they ate other foods, including her whole grain cookies, they didn’t.

Laura's Wholesome Junk Food

Laura’s packaging. The cute blonde girl baking, which looks like a charming painting, is Laura as a child.

When she noticed some of the truck drivers eating her cookies for breakfast instead of the donuts she realized that by giving people better choices that tasted good, they’d make the better choices—and would be able to not only feel feel better immediately but prevent certain health issues down the road. She established Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food in 2001, hoping to bring healthy, high-quality, great-tasting food to a wider audience.

This is a delicious line, and since the doctor prescribes it, we’re in. Our only concern is that this quality product will never be found on the shelf in its current, homespun packaging. This outstanding line needs some serious branding and package design work. Perhaps some nice firm out there will work for food?

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