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February 23, 2010

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Shrimp Canape

Your cuisine will be smokin’ with the exciting flavors of smoked shrimp and scallops. Here, smoked shrimp and horseradish cream pair with cool cucumber in a canapé. Photo by Kelly Cline | IST.

WHAT IT IS: Artisan smoked fish and shellfish.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Artisan smoking of top quality shellfish and salmon that are packed fresh, not canned.
WHY WE LOVE IT: If you like smoked foods, this is a wonderful way to enjoy them. Shellfish are a protein blast that don’t have the fat level or calories of bacon, ham and ribs. (Shrimp do have cholesterol—but much, much less of it than meats—and scallops have just a small amount.)

Sullivan Harbor Farm: Smokin’ Shrimp & Scallops

CAPSULE REPORT: How could it be that we have lived this many decades without the joys of smoked shrimp and scallops?

Smoked fish we’ve had aplenty: black cod (sablefish), chub (carp), salmon, sturgeon, trout, whitefish. But our smoked shellfish experience has been limited to imported cans of smoked mussels and clams. We employed them in various hors d’oeuvres, dips and dishes and concluded that what we’d bought was the smoked shellfish equivalent of supermarket canned tuna.

Sullivan Harbor Farm does away with those memories, bringing an “I must have more!” allure to smoked shrimp and scallops (and also to smoked salmon). The smoked shrimp and smoked scallops add big personality to recipes, not to mention wowing the cocktail crowd as nibbles in various forms (dips, hors d’oeuvres, canapés or straight from the toothpick). If you love shrimp, scallops and smoked foods, you’ve got to try them!

The products are all natural: no preservatives, chemicals or colorings are used. Made in small batches using old world techniques—including outdoor smokers. Read the full review below to see how we’ve used these smoky protein treats.

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Sullivan Harbor Farm: Smokin’ Shrimp & Scallops


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Sullivan Harbor Farms Overview

When Joel Frantzman decided to produce the best smoked fish, he attended a preeminent smoking course in Aberdeen, Scotland. He visited a number of small, high-end Scottish smoke houses that produce the best smoked salmon and other fish. He then returned home to Hancock Village, Maine, armed with the knowledge and determination to make his mark on the smoked fish marketplace. He has succeeded!

Smoking fish and seafood in small batches, using old world methods and “fanatical attention to detail,” Sullivan Harbor Farms sells superior smoked fish products. It’s not just because the smoked salmon is special (it’s lovely with a deeper smoke than most), because one can usually find a decent supply of that popular food in major cities.

It’s the other treats, including smoked shrimp and smoked scallops, that add up to major excitement for food lovers seeking new flavors and experiences. The seafood are dry cured and smoked in small kilns with natural hardwood smoke in a state-of-the-art facility. Time-honored techniques meet the best in modern equipment, and you’ll taste it!


Scallops and shrimp are refrigerator-packed with a shelf life of two weeks. Photo by Evan Dempsey | THE NIBBLE.

The day boat scallops come from Digby Neck in Nova Scotia, Canada, and the small, sweet shrimp from the Gulf of Maine. All of the salmon comes from Ocean Legacy, a small salmon farm in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia. Clear bay water propelled by 25 foot tides sluice through the salmon pens, enabling the growth of muscular fish without the need for hormones. Low fish density (uncrowded pens) mean no antibiotics. The result: healthy fish particularly high in Omega 3s.

Locally farmed salmon were once Maine’s top seafood export after lobster. The cost of environmental monitoring and other issues caused the industry to decline over the past decade. But a handful of artisan seafood smokehouses exist, and are now getting farmed Atlantic salmon from Maine’s neighbor to the northeast, Nova Scotia.

Concerned about the carbon footprint of your food? Buy smoked salmon from Maine.

  • Sullivan Harbor Farm location to the Bay Of Fundy: 65 miles
  • Alaskan salmon to the East Coast:
    6,000 miles
  • Chilean salmon to the East Coast:
    8,000 miles
  • Norwegian salmon to the East Coast:
    4,000 miles

The geography lesson is over; the eating lesson begins. Head to Page 2 see how to serve these smoked crustaceans.

—Karen Hochman


Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia in red, the rest of Canada in yellow, the U.S. in gray. The Bay of Fundy, where the salmon are farmed, occupies the entire large body of water from the coastline where Canada connects to the U.S., all the way up to the two forks where it ends. Maine is the first gray area abutting Canada. Heading south along the coast, other familiar landmarks include Cape Cod, the first “hook” on the coastline, and Long Island, looking like a large whale. To the left are four of the five Great Lakes. Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons.


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