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September 29, 2009

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Yummy Cupcakes Box

Here’s how a box of cupcakes arrives—in reusable Mason jars. See the rest of the review for close-up photos. Photography by GG Merkel | THE NIBBLE.

WHAT IT IS: Gourmet cupcakes in a jar.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Cupcake material is layered in Mason jars—more like a mini-cake in a jar, starting with a layer of cake, a layer of buttercream, more cake, more buttercream and a very fun topping.
WHY WE LOVE IT: The cupcakes last longer in airtight Mason jars than they would in any other kind of wrapping—five days and still moist! See more reasons in the main review.

Yummy Cupcakes: Cupcakes In A Jar

CAPSULE REPORT: We’re about to be run out of town. We live in a big cupcake town. Everywhere we turn there are cupcake shops. Yet we turn to ordering ours from the other side of the country—Burbank, to be exact. We send Yummy Cupcakes’ Cupcakes In A Jar as gifts—and we put ourselves at the top of the gift list. We’re in love with Yummy Cupcakes. Anyone you send them to will be in love with you.

Let us explain the concept: A cupcake is not plopped into a jar. Rather, the folks at Yummy Cupcakes, creators of beautiful gourmet cupcakes, took their craft in a new direction. They layer different flavors of cake and buttercream frosting into Mason jars and top them with popular candies—Goobers, M&Ms, Raisinets, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Whoppers and other treats. There are also candies hidden in the layers below. The experience is more fun than regular cupcakes—and that’s saying something.

The cakes and frostings are better than our own recipes—perhaps because Yummy Cupcakes’ bakers are graduates of Le Cordon Bleu. Even when you think certain flavors must be gimmicky, you’re wowed—for example, with the licorice buttercream in the Good & Plenty cupcake and the citrus cake and buttercream in the Sour Patch Kid that are perfectly set off by Sour Patch candies on top.

Yet any notion that these are cupcakes for kids must be dispelled: They’re cupcakes for people who appreciate fine food. How do you eat them? With a spoon! Read more in the full review below, see the photos and get ideas for baking your own yummy cupcakes.

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Yummy Cupcakes: Cupcakes In A Jar


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Introduction To Yummy Cupcakes

Thank goodness people keep decamping from Corporate America. We find that some of our favorite products are made by folks who used to do something else—typically in business. When searching for something more soul satisfying, they ended up in the specialty food business.

Thus, mother, daughter and daughter’s husband came together to form Yummy Cupcakes, using some of grandma’s recipes as a foundation. They serve yummy cupcakes daily to the denizens of Burbank and Santa Monica, California, and also ship them to the cupcake-needy in points north, south and east.

But create Cupcakes In A Jar (photo at right) and, in our book, you’ve got something even better.

Why Cupcakes In A Jar Are Better Than Regular Cupcakes

While they may not be as ethereally pretty, Cupcakes In A Jar may well be the better cupcake.

  • They keep fresh longer. Half-eaten cupcakes were still moist five days later, thanks to the airtight Mason jars.
  • You can enjoy cupcakes more often. Who eats half of a regular cupcake? The other half would go stale. But with the jar setup, you can treat yourself to a few bites every day without blowing your diet. You truly can have your cake and eat it too.
  • You get more frosting with your cake. Thanks to the layers, every bite of cake comes with frosting—not just the top of the cupcake.
  • No crumbs drop on you as you eat them. Maybe you’re a neater eater than we are, but we found this to be another bonus. Eating your cupcake with  a spoon engenders crumb control.
  • The candy surprise on top is a delight. In some flavors, candies are sprinkled on the cake and nestled within frosting layers as well.

Peanut Butter
Layers of chocolate cake, peanut butter and PB buttercream. Under the lid, in a cloud of frosting, is a wedge of peanut butter cup, chocolate sprinkles and chopped peanuts.

A regular cupcake from Yummy Cupcakes.

  • They’re easy to send as gifts. If regular cupcakes don’t get eaten that day, the gift is day-old cake. If Cupcakes In A Jar don’t get opened for a day or two, it’s fine. And there’s no fancy icing to smoosh in transit.
  • The Mason jars are a value-added gift. Instead of tossing out empty cupcake wrappers, re-use the wide-mouth Mason jars for making jam or chutney, for storage (loose tea, spices, paper clips, nuts and bolts) or to give gifts of something homemade or parceled out (we’ll use ours for holiday gifts, to repackage culinary lavender we bought in bulk).

Follow us to Page 2 to whet your appetite for Cupcakes In A Jar—and solve all of your gift challenges for the next year.

—Karen Hochman

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