No more hand shaving chocolate. Just load your chocolate mill with pieces of chocolate, and with one twist you’ll make your iced coffee or cappuccino that much more exciting.
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August 2005

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Chocolate Mill

For Tasty & Decorative Chocolate Shavings


The easiest way to get tasty decorative shavings for coffee and desserts.


What’s better than hot chocolate, cappuccino, or an ice cream sundae? One topped with chocolate shavings! But that requires work.

That’s why Williams-Sonoma commissioned this exclusive chocolate mill from William Bounds, an American company that has produced fine spice mills for over 40 years.

It couldn’t be easier: just fill the body of the mill with your favorite chocolate. Morsels from the bag are easy; but do buy top quality morsels from chocolatiers like El Rey, Guittard or Dagoba. (When taste is concerned, no ingredient is too small to make a big impact, and supermarket chips taste waxy because they have so little chocolate in them.) Or, toss in chunks of Valrhona or other top chocolate bars.

Then, just turn the crank and you’ll have a flurry of luscious chocolate shavings to top hot and iced coffees and mochas, hot chocolate, and milkshakes and iced coffee drinks. Use the shavings to decorate top ice cream sundaes and puddings, and to decorate cakes.

If it sounds is! Think about giving the chocolate mill as a gift, along with two bars of fine chocolate (one to eat, one to grind) or a bag of top quality chocolate chips, to your favorite chocolate lover.

Hot Cocoa
Very nice, but chocolate shavings would make it even nicer. Photograph courtesy of Pierre Marcolini.

The stainless and acrylic mill is 5" high by 2-1/2" wide. It is fitted with a stainless-steel grinding mechanism that will still be grinding for the next generation of chocolate shaving lovers.




  • $35.00 each

Purchase online at

Internet and catalog only, not in stores.

Price and product availability subject to change.

Turn this...


Chocolate Grinder
...into this, or at least a finer-ground version of it.
Photo courtesy of Burdick Chocolate.
Chocolate shavings


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