Gourmet Marshmallows - Gateau et Ganache
A resounding “Bravo!” went out to the marshmallows from Gateau et Ganache of Palo Alto, California. Above, their Blackberry marshmallow
. Photo by Dhanraj Emanuel | THE NIBBLE.




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November 2007
Updated March 2009

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Marshmallow Madness ~ Part II

Page 7: Jumbo Chocolate Marshmallows & More From Manna Mallows & My Flour Garden


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Manna Mallows

These are larger marshmallows, about 2 inches square by 1-1/2 inches tall. The line includes Caramallow, ChocoLot, Classic Vanilla, Mocha Madness Mocha Marshmallow - Manna MallowsMarshmallows and Strawberry Cream, with seasonal specialties. We tried Mocha Madness (shown in the photo) and Caramallow. Mocha Madness has a good-looking topping of ground espresso and dark chocolate (you can smell the espresso when you open the bag). The marshmallows themselves are of a definite mocha color. The flavor is modest in strength, although you do get both chocolate and coffee tastes. The Caramallow has a good caramel flavor. It is very messy—in a good way, with caramel sauce drizzled atop as well as more incorporated into the marshmallow base. They also have a slight, periodic crunch from what the company describes as their “caramel dust.” When you melt sugar to caramelize it, a normal first step in making caramel sauce, the melting sugar crystals can clump together in small, uncaramelized lumps. These lumps were what I found within the body of the marshmallow itself; they provided the crunch, which is a nice textural contrast. A tender and delicate style. Seasonal shipping only.  Photo courtesy of Manna Mallows.

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My Flour Garden Bakery

Most of the 13 flavors here sound very tempting—wonderful creativity in flavors—and the two flavors we tried did deliver. There are the Classics: Chocolate Haven, Strawberry and Vanilla Peppermint. There are the Mocha Chip Marshmallow - My Flour BakeryCreatives: Crazy Citrus, Cocoa-Nut Explosion, Mocha Chipster (shown in the photo), Rocky Road and Trail Mix Madness. There are the Exotics: Banana Nutz, Just Matcha, Mango Tango, Matcha Bean, Pandan-tastic and Taro-iffic. And there is the seasonal, Pumpkin Spice. Not to cut down on the decision making, there are three sizes of marshmallow. The Regular size is about 2-1/2 inches by 2 inches by 2 inches tall, Extra Tall has an added inch in height, and Jumbo is roughly 5 inches square, but I’m not sure of the height. The Mango Tango is a very pale yellow with yellow ripples throughout, courtesy of the real mango purée used. It’s quite sweet, as you’d expect, but there’s a definite mango presence and taste—just lovely. Then, there are the Mocha Chipsters: a medium brown exterior with a beige interior. For my taste, the chocolate chips, though a nice touch, rather overwhelm the delicate espresso flavor, but they were a hit with other tasters. A tender and delicate style of marshmallow (it’s possible to order them without the chips if you want a plain mocha marshmallow). Chocolate-dipped marshmallows are not shipped during summer or periods of extreme heat. As of this writing, you must call or e-mail your order. To find the marshmallows online requires guidance. After you “Enter Site,” click on “Shop My Online Bakery,” then on the photo of the marshmallow that says “To order, click here,” even though it looks like that link is to order the particular flavor featured. The Mango Tango is a favorite—elegant enough to be served for dessert.

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