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Mmm...delicious! Specialty meats are worth going out of your way for. Photo by David Freund | IST.



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Gourmet Beef & Bison (Buffalo)

And Other Specialty Meat, Including Beef Jerky


We’re working like busy ranchers to find exciting gourmet beef and bison for you to enjoy. (The animal most people refer to as “buffalo” is no relation to the Asian or African water buffalo, but the American bison, a completely different species. Learn all about it.) If you have a favorite red meat company or product, use the Contact Us form on this page to tell us about it.

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Nibble Tip

Heirloom meats are a great gift for meat-lovers. They’re a splurge your friends and family might not give themselves, and they’ll be wowed by the difference. Even the barbecue chef who just makes makes steaks and burgers will appreciate an introduction to heirloom pork or lamb. If your friend is a beef eater only, give a gift of organic or natural beef from Dakota Beef or Niman Ranch.

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