Lemongrass Soup
Lemongrass Soup by Chef Souvir Saran, from Indian Home Cooking by Suvir Saran and Stephanie Lyness. You don’t have to serve traditional bowls of soup: think about different vessels for your soups, like these tall shot glasses.


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Sometimes we come across soups better than we can make ourselves; or consommés and stocks that make making our own not worth the trouble. Use the Contact Us form on this page to recommend outstanding specialty soups.

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*Recipes may include ingredients that can be substituted,
e.g. vegetable broth for chicken broth or soymilk for milk.



Sweet Soup Recipes For Dessert Or
First Course


Nibble Tip

Take a tip from Rick Tramonto of Chicago’s restaurant Tru. He serves a soup course “tasting plate” of four different soups in demitasse cups. (These look like cappuccino because he foams the tops.) For winter, think mushroom, root vegetable, seafood bisque, and perhaps a coconut-milk based spicy Thai soup. For summer, serve a medley of cold soups: cucumber dill, gazpacho, borscht, and fruit soup. Do you have to make the soups yourself? No—there are so many great take-out soups, just adjust the seasonings and select great garnishes.


Rick Tramonto SoupsChef Rick Tramonto suggests a better use for those demitasse cups!


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