Mango and Pear White Tea Is there anything more refreshing than a bottle of white tea? Perhaps a cranberry lemonade! Both are available from Honest Tea.





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LINDSEY NELSON is an editorial intern and avid iced tea drinker.



August 2006
Updated June 2008

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Honest Tea & Honest Ade

Organic Iced Tea, Lemonade & More


This is Part II of a two-part article. To view Part I, click on the black links below.

Honest Tea Flavors: PET Plastic Bottles

Originally an all-glass line, Honest Tea now packages five of its iced teas in PET #1 plastic bottles (the “good plastic,” no chemical leaching):

  • Citrus Green Energy Tea, a blend of green tea, yerba maté, oranges and and lemons. It’s called “Energy Tea” not just for the energy boost from the maté, but because Honest Tea buys renewable energy credits that help offset all of the energy consumed along the production chain. Read more about yerba maté.
  • Honey Green Tea, green tea lightly sweetened with honey.
  • Lemon Black Tea, a black tea with a twist of lemon juice, lightly sweetened with cane sugar. This is the same formulation as Lori’s Lemon; Lori’s Lemon is still available in glass.
  • Peach White Tea, a white tea sweetened with peach juice. This is the same formulation as Peach Oo-la-long; Peach Oo-la-long is still available in glass.
  • Pomegranate White Tea with Açaí, a white tea flavored with pomegranate and açaí.

Why plastic bottles? Read the comparison below.
Honest Tea Iced Tea

Above: The Honest Tea flavors in PET plastic bottles.

For those who want their tea in family-size bottles, 64-ounce PET

Glass Bottles Versus Plastic Bottles

What’s the difference between glass and PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic? There are two ways of looking at it: manufacturer costs and consumer interest and preference.

Glass PET Plastic
Doesn’t Scratch Or Yellow
More Recycling Opportunities
Resistant To Heat

Low Weight
Relatively Unbreakable

Weight (both for consumer portability and higher manufacturer shipping costs)

Limited Heat Resistance (not reliable above 149°F, which can be reached in storage in very hot climates)

Can’t Be Sterilized*
Turns Yellow & Scratches With Age
Some Products Shown To Leach Chemicals


*Some products, like fresh fruit juices, need to be sterilized to kill harmful bacteria in order to be shelf stable (i.e., no refrigeration required). Products in plastic can’t be heated to sterilization temperatures of 220° or higher. All production processes are different, and different products are sterilized at different temperatures and for different lengths of time. Milk, for example, is sterilized (pasteurized) before it is put into containers, and can be sterilized at 145°F or 175°F.


Fresh & Lively Honest Ades

Somewhere between a lemonade and citron pressé you’ll find these three beverages, full of clean fruit flavor and just lightly sweetened. They’re unlike other “ades” you may be accustomed to, notably Kool-Aid or old-fashioned stand lemonade; so unique, in fact, that Honest Tea has given them their own category, “citrus quenchers.” All weigh in at 100 calories per bottle.

  • Cranberry Lemonade. Picture that same joltingly sweet glass of lemonade Honest Ade Limeade and Cranberry Lemonade from your childhood. Got it? Good—now imagine it grew up, went to an Ivy and got a Ph.D. Honest Tea’s lightly sweetened lemonade, with its tart kick of cranberry and citrusy-flowery notes of hibiscus, satisfies both the young at heart and the calorie-conscious in one fell swoop.
  • Limeade. Longtime lemonade second-fiddle limeade finally got the attention it deserves with this just-right sweet-tart version. As refreshing as its citrus cousin, but without the bitter edge present in most lemonades.
  • Pomegranate Blue. Finally, a lighter pomegranate beverage has arrived. The tart pomegranate flavor we have grown to love is still present, though it is much milder than similarly-flavored beverages. So much so, in fact, that rather than overpower the blueberries that are also present, it shares center stage.

Honest Kids

For the younger set, Honest Tea makes Honest Kids Organic Fruit Flavored Thirst Honest KidsQuenchers, organic juice drinks in a convenient tetra-pak. Each package contains just 40 calories and provides 100% of the daily value of vitamin C. Honest Kids are available in Berry Berry Good Lemonade, Goodness Grapeness and Tropical Tango Punch flavors. Yes, adults can drink it too, if the kids will share.

Honestly, a great line!

Honest TEA

Iced Teas and Honest Ades

Certified Kosher by Orthodox Union
Certified Organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic

TEA FLAVORS: Assam Black, Black Forest Berry*, Citrus Green Energy†, Citrus Spice Decaf, Community Green, Green Dragon Tea, Honey Green†, Jasmine Green Energy, Just Black Tea, Just Green Tea, Lemon Black†, Lori’s Lemon Tea†, Mango Açaí White, Moroccan Mint Green, Peach Oo-la-Long†, Peach White†, Pearfect White, Pomegranate Red with Goji Berry*, Pomegranate White with Açaí† and Sublime Mate.

*Caffeine-free    †Plastic Bottle Available

  • Bottled Teas
    16-Ounce Glass Bottles
    Case Of 12
    $18.15 to $23.25
    16.9-Ounce PET Plastic Bottles
    Case Of 12

HONEST ADE FLAVORS: Pomegranate Blue, Cranberry Lemonade, Limeade

  • Honest Ade
    15.5-Ounce Plastic
    Case Of 12
    Case of 24

Three Honest Teas

Just a few of the many flavors that Honest Tea has to offer.

Honest Ades
Above, Honest Ade’s three fabulous flavors.



Find a store locator and online retailers at

Prices will vary by retailer.

*Prices and product availability are verified at publication but are subject to change. Shipping is additional. These items are offered by a third party and THE NIBBLE has no relationship with them. This link to purchase is provided as a reader convenience.

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