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June 20, 2006
Updated May 2011

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A healthy bison (buffalo) burger, full of good nutrition. Our bison burger was so delicious—refreshing and healthy-tasting—that we vowed never to return to beef. We felt the same about our tenderloin and our New York strip steak. Photo by Craig Holmes | BSP.

WHAT IT IS: Bison meat in cuts to please every meat-lover and suit every recipe.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Flavorful and healthy: Just as there are better producers of beef, our preferred purveyors—Allen Brothers, Blackwing Quality Meats and High Plains Bison—are top prurveyors of bison. The difference shows in every bite.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Bison doesn’t weigh us down the way that beef does. It’s a delight of a red meat, so tasty yet healthy-feeling that it’s an eye-opener. It even “cooks clean”: because there’s so little fat, grilling a steak indoors provides no heavy “meat cooking” odor.

Buffalo Meat/Bison Meat
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Red Meat That’s Lower In Calories Than White Meat Chicken

Since bison are wild animals (cattle are domesticated), their meat is naturally leaner—that’s why they have so much less fat and calories than a comparable portion of beef or chicken. You can tell just by looking at a cut of bison how lean the meat is. There is no marbling: it looks as rosy red as a slab of sushi-grade tuna (and it tastes just as fresh and clean).

In fact, bison has one-fourth the fat content of beef and compares favorably to all other meats:

  • 2.4% fat for bison
  • 6.6% for veal
  • 7.4% fat for skinless white meat
  • 9.3% fat for beef
  • 9.7% fat for pork

See the chart below for a comparison.

Bison is also one of the most nutritious meats on earth: it is a highly nutrient-dense food because of the proportion of protein and minerals in relation to its caloric value. It also has a high concentration of iron as well as some essential fatty acids. But that’s not the reason we’ve chosen Blackwing bison as a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week. Healthiness is an added-value benefit. The bison was selected because it’s one of the best things we’ve tasted this year.

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Permanent Converts

Like the Native Americans before us, we now find bison to be an essential part of our lives. We want to switch and put our fat calories elsewhere—like in the cheese course following the red meat, and in ice cream.

We were so thrilled with our bison, we’re only riled that our local retailers don’t carry it (we had to go to a butcher).

It’s not that we’re strangers to ordering food online—it’s our life—but we live in a small apartment without a large enough freezer to store an inventory.

Bison is recommended by the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Association, the American Dietitians Association and the American Diabetic Association, as well as, no doubt, by your physician. The only bison cookbook, Buffalo Is Heart Healthy, a 204-page book with recipes, cooking tips and nutritional information, is produced by the National Bison Association (which, ironically, does not try to explain on the cover that the product is actually called bison). Purchase a copy.


Bison is even lower in calories than skinless, white meat chicken. So for red meat lovers, it’s a diet delight. Photo of tenderloin by Otto Groning | IST.

Nutrition Chart

The next time people ask, “Where’s the beef?” surprise them with delectable bison instead.

—Karen Hochman

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