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November 22, 2011


Chocolate covered bacon strips from Lillie Belle Farms. Photo by Elvira Kalviste | THE NIBBLE.

WHAT IT IS: Bacon-with-chocolate confections from 28 different producers, our favorites and runners up.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: The bacon-with-chocolate combination is a relatively new flavor combination that is picking up speed.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Smoky, salty bacon is a natural complement to chocolate.
WHERE TO BUY IT: See individual listings.

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Chocolate Bacon Bar, Chocolate Bacon Topping, Plus Chocolate Bacon Brownies, Fudge, Caramels, Cupcakes, Marshmallows & Chocolate Covered Bacon Strips

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DaSweetZpot: Bacon Topping
Bacon Chocolate Topping

This small producer, which makes its products in the greater Los Angeles Area, sells a Bacon Chocolate Topping, the only product of its type I’ve found. It’s a slightly thick chocolate topping that contains a generous amount of crumbled, cooked bacon. The bacon provides a chewy counterpoint to the smooth topping. There’s not a strong chocolate presence. The favor will appeal most those who like their chocolate treats very sweet, as opposed to very chocolatey.

Destiny Chocolates: Chocolate Bacon

Chocolate Covered Bacon Strips

This chocolatier, located in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, makes Parker’s Bacon Bar in both milk and dark chocolate. Crunchy bits of bacon aplenty are scattered throughout these square bars. The bacon here is more strongly-flavored than many, but not to an excessive degree. You get the crunch/salty/smoky/meaty bacon flavor first, followed by the taste of chocolate. I prefer the milk chocolate version. To my palate, milk chocolate seems to go better with bacon.

dreamPuff Marshmallows

Chocolate Bacon Marshmallows

From this chocolatier, located in Troy, New York, comes “Now…with Bacon”—a light chocolate marshmallow with toasted pecans, a chocolate “cap” and a cooked, crumbled bacon. dreamPuff Marshmallows are invariably of good quality. You get flavors of chocolate from both the marshmallow and the cap, as well as texture from the cap, a bit from the pecans, and some from the bacon. It didn’t get a “runner up” designation because the sweetness of the marshmallow is more pronounced than I like.

Jewel of the Lion: Chocolate Bacon
Chocolate Bacon Fudge, Chocolate-Covered
Bacon Strips

From this producer in Las Vegas, Nevada, I tried Scott’s Belgium Milk Chocolate Covered Applewood Smoked Maple Bacon, full strips of bacon covered in milk chocolate. Somewhat to my surprise, it turns out that I enjoy maple bacon with chocolate.

The company also makes Julie’s Fudge. I tried the milk chocolate version. While it can be a bit difficult to cut a slice neatly due to the chunks of bacon in it, I doubt you’ll have any complaints. Fudgy and chewy, very sweet, with the smoky/meaty/salty qualities of the bacon coming in on the finish.

Both products are also available in dark chocolate, which I wasn’t able to try.


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H.S. Chocolate Co. [FAVORITE]

Chocolate Bacon Caramels

What do you get when you combine chocolate and a caramel? At H.S. Chocolate, of New York City, you get a “Chocomel.” The Maple Bacon Chocomel is nothing short of sublime. The caramel is toothsome, but not excessively chewy; there are plenty of bits of real bacon scattered throughout; there’s a covering of good chocolate; and the whole confection is crowned with alderwood smoked salt. The hint of maple flavor balanced tastes and textures beautifully.


Knipschildt Chocolatier
Chocolate Bacon Caramels

Knipschildt has a lovely chocolate cafe in South Norwalk, Connecticut. The Bacon Caramel is a riff on Knipschildt’s “Hannah,” a caramel dipped in chocolate and topped with Hawai’ian sea salt. The Bacon Caramel is topped with bacon salt. Considered a salt caramel, the piece is absolutely delicious. However, I wasn’t able to detect any bacon presence at all, except for a faint note of smokiness from the salt.

  Chocolate Bacon Caramels
A symphony of chocolate, caramel, bacon and maple. Photo by Elvira Kalviste | THE NIBBLE.

Lillie Belle Farms [FAVORITE]

Chocolate-Covered Bacon Strips

If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, this chocolatier, located in Central Point, Oregon, is a go-to destination. The Aporkalypse is a bacon caramel covered in milk chocolate (bacon fat is used in the caramel). The Oregon Bacon Bar, which is very good, is a small, sectioned, milk chocolate bar, with the delightful texture and taste of bits of bacon.

However, the best piece I tried from this chocolatier is the Milk Chocolate Covered Bacon. The bacon has a chipotle-brown sugar glaze; it’s dipped in milk chocolate and garnished with smoked salt.

I’m a complete spice wimp and thought the chipotle would be too much for me, but it wasn’t; it just provided a few notes of heat. There are great contrasts in taste and texture.

A box of chocolate-covered bacon from Lillie Belle Farms. Photo by Elvira Kalviste | THE NIBBLE.

LuxSugar Bakery [FAVORITE]

Caramel Bacon Brownie, Chocolate Bacon Cupcake

This New York City bakery makes a dark chocolate cupcake with a milk chocolate buttercream frosting and cooked, crumbled bacon sprinkles (the “Petunia P.). The cupcake tastes like chocolate (a rarity among cupcakes!), and the bacon—which is quite smoky and salty by itself—balances nicely with the cupcake and frosting. I’d like to see some of the bacon in the cupcake. These cupcakes, available in multiples of 6 and 12, require overnight shipping.

The Caramel Bacon Brownie is a large square of dense, fudgy brownie (which, again, really tastes like deep chocolate instead of chocolate-accented sugar). Bits of bacon and accents of caramel are dotted throughout: a fabulous combination! The brownie is available in multiples of 3 and 12, with two-day shipping. Both products are favorites.

The bakery delivers both cupcakes and brownies within Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.


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