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Use a food dehydrator to make dried fruit and veggie chips—here apple chips from fresh apples—and enjoy healthy, low-calorie snacks year round. Photo by Melody Lan | THE NIBBLE.



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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.



January 2010

Home Zone / Kitchenware / Kitchen Appliances

10 Appliances For Low-Calorie Cooking

Page 1: Steam & Dehydrate


CAPSULE REPORT: What’s the easiest way to lose or maintain your weight? Do more low-calorie cooking. Here are 10 appliances that will help you eat your way through healthier and lower-calorie foods. This is Page 1 of a four-page review. Click on the black links below to visit other pages.



1. Food Steamer: Veggies & More

When you have three slots, you’ll steam several veggies for each meal—or steam low-calorie fish and seafood or chicken along with your sides. Have fun with it, and steam different-colored vegetables for each meal!

Nutritionists advise having at least four different foods on your plate at each meal so you’ll be stimulated by the variety as well as the color.

  • With the Cooks Food Steamer, three transparent steam baskets let you simultaneously steam three different foods with less mess (there’s also a rice bowl attachment for reheating rice).
  • You can steam two veggies and fish for a delicious, low-calorie dinner.
  • The steaming trays are easy to clean.

Learn more about the Cooks Electronic 3-Tier Food Steamer.

Steam up a storm with this Cooks 3-Tier Electronic Steamer (rice bowl shown at left).

2. Food Dehydrator

Make your own healthy snacks and have fun with it! You can dehydrate your favorite fruits and veggies until they’re crisp and portable—with no preservatives, sugar or salt. Preserve delicious, sweet tomatoes in season. Love broccoli? Make chips from the stalks. Make garnishes. You can also dry meat, fish, jerky, granola, herbs and flowers (and make your own potpourri and sachets). You’re going to get hooked on dehydrating!

  • In addition to performance, one thing to look for is the overall square feet of drying space. We like the L’Equip Dehydrator. The rectangular 11-4/5" by 17" size takes up less of a footprint than circular dehydrators.
  • You can also make a variety of healthy raw foods: bread, bars, pizza, etc.

Learn more about the L’Equip

  L'Equip Dehydrator
Make fruit and veggie chips with L’Equip Dehydrator.


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