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October 2008

Appliance Review / Kitchenware / Kitchen Appliances

Reveo Gourmet “Virtuoso” Marinator Electric Vacuum Tumbler

Page 2: Infused Spirits


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Making Cocktails In A Vacuum Tumbler

Another neat trick up the Reveo’s sleeve is that it can be used to make quick alcohol infusions, perfect for cocktails and so much faster than soaking fruit in booze for days (or weeks). 

According to Manno, the vacuum forces the fruit to release its moisture content and flavors into the alcohol.  We infused vodka with lemon and lime slices, which was tasty.  Better yet, we tried vodka with blueberries and a pinch of sugar, which gave the liquid a pale purple tinge and a delicate berry taste.  To intensify the fruit flavor, you can let the barrel go for an extra spin or two (20 minutes per cycle).  This process also works for non-alcoholic drinks, like teas and lemonades.  Basically, you can infuse any liquid that is not oil-based.

Reveo Virtuoso
Infuse fruit for cocktails.

While the machine’s whirring can get a bit noisy, there’s something enthralling about watching the barrel spin, the fruit rolling up to the top and then falling, over and over again. But it’s more than a party gimmick—this thing really works!

Cooking & Mixology Suggestions

Can an appliance that marinates meat also mix cocktails? Yes, because the same principles of infusion apply.

For Food

  • Marinate fish, meat, poultry, shellfish, tofu, veggies. Use your favorite bottled or homemade marinades and rubs.

For Libations

  • Infuse spirits—gin, rum, tequila, vodka—with your favorite fruits. Berries, citrus, melons and peaches are some favorites.
  • Infuse gin, tequila or vodka with veggies—chiles, celery, tomato. Any of these will make a top-notch Bloody Mary or martini.
  • Juice up your sangria: Spin your wine mixture with fruit.
  • Infuse non-alcoholic drinks: Spin iced teas, juices and lemonades with fruits (raspberries, mangoes) for exciting flavor.

Now succulent meats and juicy drinks are only a whirl—and minutes—away.


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