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Some people love coffee so much, they nibble on the beans.



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Gourmet Coffee

The Best Coffee Beans & Pods


Coffee: the little bean that gets us going in the morning, the sweet treat that warms (or cools) us throughout the day, the dieter’s low- (or no-)-cal friend, the dark, rich end to a superb dinner. Among all foods, coffee can suffer most in the hands of the inexperienced. We’ve all had the sublime and the battery acid. Coffeemeisters will argue best methods to achieve the ideal cup, and who sells the best beans. Our goals here are:

  • To find slightly different coffees you might not find—or might not try—
    without our gentle guidance.
  • To point out gourmet coffees that make great gifts or suggestions for your coffee delivery service.
  • To provide insights and knowledge that help you enjoy coffee more.

If you have a favorite coffee to recommend, use the Contact Us link on this page.

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Nibble Tip

If you don’t have the capacity to make pots of both caffeinated and decaf coffee for your dinner guests, it’s better to opt for decaf. More people don’t want to be kept up late or have caffeine restrictions than want the jolt. If there is someone who needs the caffeine kick, you can make him or her an individual cup with a single filter drip.


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Coffee with John Wm Macy Dessert Sticks.



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