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September 14, 2010

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Better Oats Oatmeal


Best Oats oatmeal is chunky, not mushy. All photography by Katharine Pollak | THE NIBBLE.

WHAT IT IS: Instant oatmeal that’s not as processed as traditional instants.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: More fiber, more nutrition.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Great texture, chunky with no mushiness; great flavors.
WHERE TO BUY IT:, or see store locator at

.Page 2: The Flavors Of Better Oats: Better Instant Cereal


Overview: Instant Cereal

Instant oatmeal isn’t exactly instant: It takes anywhere from 75 to 120 seconds (that’s two minutes!), depending on the brand and your preferred consistency.

Instant cereals are chopped, precooked, flattened between metal rollers and dried, ready to be reconstituted in that time frame. Whole grains take longer to cook because they are less processed.

The small, flat flakes that result from processing into “instant” cereal cook up into a creamy mush. Some people enjoy the consistency; others don’t notice; and a third group misses the toothsome texture from longer-cooked versions.

If you want that crunchier texture in an instant cereal, you’ve come to the right place.

We don’t know the trade secret of Better Oats, except that the oats are milled to retain their thick and chewy texture. Just two minutes in the microwave delivers a very textured oatmeal without the creamy “soup.”

See the delicious flavors of Better Oats as this article continues below.


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Varieties Of Better Oats

The selection is mind-boggling: 32 different options. Some are organic. Some are raw. Some have twice the grams of whole grain than others, and the higher levels just about meet your 48g/day whole grain requirement.

All varieties are all-natural and certified OU kosher. All have added “heart healthy antioxidants” and ground flax, a good source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids. The best place to see them all is on the company website.

Better Oats “Brands”

A lot of work went into creating an attractive website, but it still doesn’t make it easy to understand the differences among the varieties and brands of Better Oats.

The 32 varieties are actually similar flavors scattered across 10 brands. Better Oats is made by Malt-O-Meal, a family-owned company that makes cold and hot cereal under different brand names.

  Better Oats Berry Blast
Kids have “better” versions of berry and apple cinnamon oatmeal.

So there is the Better Oats “Mom’s Best Naturals” brand, the Better Oats “Oat Revolution!” brand, plus Better Oats brands called Abundance, Good ‘N Hearty, Lavish, mmm...Muffins, Oat Fit, Oat Heads, Oat Revolution, Oat Revolution Thick & Hearty, Raw Pure & Simple and more. Unless you work at Malt-O-Meal, prepared to be confused. For example, there are nine varieties of maple syrup-sweetened oats spread across seven different brands.

What’s the difference between Better Oats/Oat Revolution Maple, Better Oats/Abundance Maple, Better Oats/Good & Hearty Maple and the other four?

Some brands are organic, some are multigrain blends, some are—oh what the heck, you’re already bored and we’re not going to try to figure out this branding puzzle.

At the end of the day, since everything tastes good, it’s not that much of a problem which one you find on the shelf. Maybe Better Oats will make this more clear, maybe you’ll figure it out over time, maybe it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that everyone can have a hot, nutritious breakfast—and take the packets to work for a healthier coffee break.


—Karen Hochman

  Better Oats
Raw Pure & Simple has twice the whole grains while Lavish lavishes you with chocolate (cocoa) oatmeal.


10 Brands, 32 Varieties Of Instant Oatmeal

Certified kosher by OU

  • 5- To 8-Pouch Boxes
    6.15-7.45 Ounces
  • $1.25 For Mmm...Muffins, Oat Fit, Oat
    Heads, Oat Revolution!, and Oat
    Revolution Thick & Hearty brands
  • $1.99 For Abundance, Good ‘N Hearty,
    Lavish & Raw (Organic) & Mom’s Best

See more at

Store locator on website; some varieties available on



  Better Oats Apple Cinnamon
There are 5 packets in each box, waiting to be served for breakfast or a snack.
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