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February 15, 2011


Lower your carbon footprint one step at a time. You can start with Tiny Footprint coffee. Photo by Joan Vincent Canto | IST.

WHAT IT IS: Sustainable coffee with a negative carbon footprint.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: It’s organic, carbon negative and delicious—truly rich, aromatic and special.
WHY WE LOVE IT: The coffee would be a standout even if it did nothing for the environment. But we love that it lowers our carbon footprint!
WHERE TO BUY IT: Buy Online Here (See next page for details).

.Tiny Footprint: A Terrific Sustainable Coffee

CAPSULE REPORT: This Top Pick is an exquisitely delicious coffee that also helps to slow down climate change.

Even if you don’t like coffee, stick around to learn about how Tiny Footprint is doing its part to reduce your carbon footprint. This is important stuff that impacts everything you buy. On the next page, you’ll be forwarded to a site where you can calculate your own carbon footprint. We promise the results will be eye-opening.

Just because we have a passion for fine food doesn’t make us superficial to the needs of the world. One can eat well and sustainably, too, making choices that conserve the environment (organic products), wildlife (rainforest alliance certified), produce net zero carbon emissions (carbon neutral) and/or help destitute farmers (Fair Trade). When you take the extra step, you pay it forward.*

*When you pay it forward, you ask that a good deed be repaid to a third party instead of repaid to you. The third party is Planet Earth, but what’s good for planet earth is good for you.

When you buy Tiny Footprint coffee, you pay it to the environment. For each pound of coffee purchased, the company more than offsets the carbon impact of harvesting, roasting and distributing its coffee by planting a small plot of saplings in the Mindo Cloudforest of Ecuador.

  • Reforestation helps to protect dozens of threatened bird species and other forest animals by replacing habitats that have been cut down for cattle ranching, lumbering, tourism and general human expansion.
  • Bonus number two: Plants remove carbon dioxide, the leading greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere.†

†Plants require carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. They take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

The result is better than carbon neutral: It’s carbon negative!

The coffee itself is made from beans that are certified organic and shade grown on small family farms in some of the richest coffee soils in the world: Peru, Flores (Java Islands, Indonesia) and Sumatra.

So in addition to enjoying a wonderfully aromatic, rich and delicious cup of coffee, you’ll be doing some good in the world. Your carbon footprint will go down. Give a bag to all of your coffee-loving friends.

Learn more about your carbon footprint on the next page. Before you click away, look at the article index below.

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