St. Patrick's Day Cake

This beautiful “gift box” is a completely edible chocolate cake from Mackenzie Ltd, perfect to celebrate spring.

Food tip of the day

The Secret to Better Coffee

If you’re buying the best beans, using a great coffee machine and still wish your coffee tasted as good as it does at coffee bars, install a carbon filter under your kitchen sink. It removes the chlorine and fluorine from your tap water. Fluorine reacts with the tannins in the coffee beans to create bitterness. For less than $200 and some labor—or 12 weeks worth of a daily Venti® at Starbucks—you can enjoy every cup at home that much more.

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In like a lion and out like a lamb? In the midst of the peaceable kingdom, there’s National Peanut Month to celebrate (see our favorites in reviewed in the Snacks Section), as well as National Noodle Month (learn all about pasta) and National Caffeine Awareness Month (lots of great coffee information here). And for everyone celebrating St. Patrick’s Day: See the treats in store in the Table of Contents below. Consider an Irish Whiskey tasting to celebrate...and serve some Irish Smoked Salmon. You can also take an early peek at gourmet Easter gifts in our April issue.

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ROUND-UP Of Favorite “Green” Foods From Prior Issues
Elixirs From The Emerald Isle:
Irish Beers

Irish Creme Calorie-Free Coffee

Pure Inventions Green Tea Extracts
Reed’s Green Tea Ice Creams
Steaz Green Tea Sodas
Suntory Green Tea Liqueur
Tipperary Mineral Water


Cornucopia Of New Favorites
Lucini Italian Sauces & Soups
Stacy’s Bagel Chips
Green Tabasco & Four Other Flavors

Drink Up
Organic & Biodynamic Wines
Hiball Energy Drink
Water Of The Month: Eauzone

Special Sweets
Easter Gifts Preview
Lindt Excellence Chocolate Bars
St. Patrick’s Day Sweets


Easy Entertaining:
Irish Cheeses: The Best Available
In The U.S.

Artisanal Pastas From Italy

Picks Of The Week
Cypress Grove Chevre
Real Wasabi Condiments
Robert Lambert Chocolate Toppings
Theo Organic Chocolates

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Recchiuti Chocolate
Hiball Energy Drink
Thai Satay
Theo Chocolate Bonbons

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Cabot Cheese
Green Tabasco & Four Other Flavors
. Hiball Energy Drink

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bullet Cherrybrook Kitchen
bullet Wallaby Australian-Style Yogurt
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Culinary Oils Glossary
Different Types of Smoked Salmon

Cooking & Entertaining
Irish Coffee Recipes
Irish Whiskey: Background &
Cocktail Recipes

Midori Liqueur Green Cocktails
Dilled Cauliflower Soup
Double Chocolate Souffle
(Michael Recchiuti Recipe)
Potato, Cabbage & Cheddar

Spicy Potato Soup
Spinach-Stuffed Pork Roast
Leek & Wakame In Sweet Miso Sauce
Scallop, Bacon & Arugula Salad


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March Food Holidays


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