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April 12, 2011


Gourmet Chocolates from Cadeaux Chocolates. Photo courtesy Cadeaux.

WHAT IT IS: Artisan chocolates from seven American chocolatiers.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Each chocolatier has a different approach to handcrafting fine chocolates.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Beautiful and delicious chocolate!
WHERE TO BUY IT: See individual listings.

.America’s Artisan Chocolatiers Part VII: Gourmet Chocolates Just In Time For Easter & Mother’s Day


CAPSULE REPORT: What is an optimist? To me, an optimist is an entrepreneur who can look at the ever-more crowded field of chocolate-makers and yet think to himself/herself:

Yes, I want to be a chocolatier. I know I can make better chocolates than most of what I’ve tasted. I’m willing to work harder than I ever imagined. I’ll overcome red tape and bureaucratic obstinacy and the fact that I’m almost an unknown, even though I’m aware that that people will always be able to buy cheaper chocolates than mine. It will all be worth it, if only I can make chocolates that make discriminating customers happy.

Call them optimists or just call them obsessed, but more and more small-scale chocolatiers are appearing all over America. For those of us who buy fine chocolate, that means we’re spoiled for choice.

As I’ve done six times before, I’ve sampled too many chocolates to count in order to bring you information about my favorite recent discoveries. These chocolatiers make confections worth your money and calories. I hope you’ll try a few and perhaps find a new favorite chocolate maker. The chocolatiers are listed in alphabetical order.

Now, get ready to discover some wonderful chocolates.

Join us on the next page to visit the first chocolatier. Also see American’s Artisan Chocolatiers Parts I to VI. Before you click away, take a peek at the article index below.

—Stephanie Zonis


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