Caramel Marshmallows
Salted caramel marshmallows from 240Sweet. All photography by River Soma | THE NIBBLE.




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STEPHANIE ZONIS is a Contributing Editor.



March 2011

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Candy

Favorite Gourmet & Caramel Marshmallows

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240Sweet Gourmet Artisan Marshmallows
{a little bit of sweet}
Blasted Marshmallows


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CAPSULE REPORT: In Part I of this article, we reviewed marshmallow serving ideas, ingredients and trends. Here in Part II, we get to taste the best marshmallows in America. This is Page 1 of a nine-page review of gourmet marshmallows. Click on the black links below to visit other pages.

Manufacturers are listed alphabetically. Almost all are available online, but a handful of these producers sell online only at You’ll have to create an account on Etsy in order to buy anything, but accounts are free.






240Sweet Gourmet Artisan Marshmallows

Favorite flavors: Saffron & Pistachio, Salty Caramel Swirl, Elephant Ear. 

Although it’s hard to pick a favorite flavor when the company makes more than 80 flavors of marshmallows, most sounding quite tempting. In the less-than-tempting category are Beef and Chicken marshmallows, originally made for the dog with all-human ingredients.

The Salty Caramel Swirl, part of their Swirls roster and available only for a limited time each year, consists of a marshmallow base with partly mixed in, perfectly balanced salted caramel. Don’t miss it! The Elephant Ear is a member of the “permanent” collection. It’s chewier than many other mallows I tried, but the combination of the “plain” marshmallow with a cinnamon-sugar coating is one not easily forgotten. All of their marshmallows are huge and tend to be on the chewy side.

The NIBBLE editors love this Saffron & Pistachio marshmallow.

Also tasted: Praline with Caramel, Coffee Chocolate Chip, Caramel Apple, Sweet Potato & Ginger, Saffron & Pistachio.

Buy online at


{a little bit of sweet}

Favorite flavors: Caramel, Caramel Apple, Cranberry.

The Caramel had a true, robust caramel flavor, right down to the little edge of molasses at the finish. The Caramel Apple Marshmallows were an amazing blend of sweet and tart, with both flavors represented in an ideal balance. And who knew I’d have a Cranberry Marshmallow as a favorite? I don’t care for cranberries as a rule, but somehow they toned down the sweetness of these shocking pink mallows while adding a special flavor all their own. Large, tender marshmallows.

Also tasted: Vanilla, Chocolate, Pumpkin, Spicy Cinnamon (think of Red Hots candies in marshmallow form).

Buy online at

Cranberry Marshmallows: lovely!

Blasted Marshmallows

Favorite flavors: Honey Pies, Blueberry.

Small, very tender, and looking like piped drops of marshmallow, the Honey Pies, covered in graham cracker crumbs, have a strong honey flavor I really liked. The Blueberry Marshmallows are small squares of a faint purple hue, with dried blueberries added to the marshmallow base.  This results in an intense “hit” of blueberry, with some textural contrast from the dried fruit. Terrific!

Also tasted: Prickly Pear, Cherry-Chocolate. This company offers an egg-free version of at least some of their mallows.

Buy online at




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